Hybrid Seeds News: Punjab State is Providing Subsidy on Maize Seed

Chandigarh: Punjab state is providing subsidy on maize seed at the rate of Rs 84 per kilogram. State government has promotes maize cultivation and they urged farmers to cultivate maize instead of the water-guzzling paddy.

Providing subsidy on maize seed, this move is aimed at pulling the debt-ridden peasantry of the state out of the vicious cycle of wheat-paddy cultivation and the government is promoting varieties of maize seed that produce higher yield, said a spokesperson of the agriculture department.

Maize seed of Lakshmi-333 variety is available at Rs 168 per kg to the farmers, P-3396 at Rs 265, P-3401 at Rs 375, PAC-751 at Rs 210, LY-558/4558 at Rs 190, PMH-2255 at Rs 179, DKC-9125 at Rs 220, DKC-9140/II8017 at Rs 225, TX-369 at Rs 180 and PMH-1 at Rs 175.

Source: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/
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