Germains Seed Technology is Supporting the Seed Industry through Education

Germains Seed Technology believe that educating younger generations about seed technology and their relevance to the agriculture industry plays a vital role in supporting the industry’s future. When field trips are well executed, students who visit our facilities benefit greatly from hands-on experience.

This experiences influence students to consider pursuing a career in the seed industry. Germains participated in two educational tours hosted by Seed Valley and the California Seed Association, over the past six weeks.

As a part of company's involvement with Seed Valley, 6 secondary school students had the opportunity to visit five seed related companies in the Seed Valley region of the Netherlands. While visiting Germains, the group was presented with a short introduction about Germains and the various seed treatments they offer.

Following the presentation, students were provided with a tour of Germains seed priming lab where the students participated in hands-on activities such as determining the moisture content of several seeds followed by sowing raw, primed and primed seeds into seed trays.

The students were happy to take home their sown trays so they could continue to follow the effect of priming and pelleting. Also, the students had a chance to learn how to pellet seeds and conducted DNA experiments in our microbiology lab.

In the US, Germains Gilroy location participated in the California Seed Association’s annual Flower Seed Tour for students enrolled in agriculture-related programs at California State University Fresno and Chico, Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo and University California Davis. This year’s tour included visits to some of the industry’s leading breeders and seed service providers.

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