New Organic Seed Treatment for Spinach

ProBio® SafeGuard™ is a certified organic seed treatment for spinach, which focuses on early plant protection even before the plant emerges. Germains Seed Technology developed ProBio® SafeGuard™ as a part of our health technology category.

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The First Complete Biological Seed Treatment Platform

Albaugh, LLC, announced that they are launching a new biological seed treatment platform that includes a broad portfolio of highly effective and proven biological seed treatments.

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EQUITY VIP Seed Treatment for Soybeans

EQUITY VIP is a unique and five-way insecticide/fungicide seed treatment for soybeans launched by Loveland Products. A broad, multi-function combination of fungicide components, including a new SDHI class active ingredient, offers unmatched fortification against a range of early season soybean diseases.

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Seed Treatments for Carrots.

Germains Seed Technology offers a number of different seed treatments for carrots for an organic or conventional grower. There are a number of seed treatment options may combine based on your cultivation practices, field conditions, and disease pressures.

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Foliar-Acting Systemic Seed Treatments to Pathogens Resistance Selection.

Foliar-acting systemic seed treatments can contribute to pathogen resistance selection, when used in conjunction with a foliar spray programme based on the same mode of action.

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Seed Treatment News: Introduction of Soybean Seed Treatment Combination

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.: The introduction of Redigo™ 480 + Trilex®, a combination of fungicide seed treatments for soybeans offered exclusively through West Central Distribution is announced by Bayer and West Central Distribution, LLC.

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The Process of Developing New Seed Treatments

Germains Seed Technology continues to lead the seed industry by placing emphasis on new product development and diversifying their product portfolio so that they may continue to support our customer’s needs.

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Seed Industry News: Syngenta Launches New Biological Seed Treatment

Syngenta announced the launch of the EPIVIO™ brand family, which is a range of new bio stimulants which address abiotic stresses through seed treatment. Over the last five years Syngenta has developed abiotic stress management testing capabilities to simulate drought, heat, cold and nutrient stresses.

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Seed Treatment with Bio-Fertilizer in Cereal

Bio-fertilizers containing effective strains of microorganism like Bacteria, Fungi, and Algae along or in combination in sufficient numbers and they are carrier based preparations. When incorporated with seeds, seedlings and in soils, bio-fertilizers provide nutrients to the plant through microbial activity.

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Seed Treatments: Taking the Proper Precautions about Treated Seed.

The American Seed Trade Association reminds farmers as harvest begins across the country, to be diligent in taking the proper precautions to ensure treated seed does not enter the domestic or export grain supply.

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Seed Treatment News: Hot Water Seed Treatment.

To treat the seed of specific crops with a hot water bath to reduce the incidence of seed-borne pathogens. Bacterial diseases in many vegetable crops have become increasingly more frequent and difficult for growers in our region to control over the years.

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Global and Chinese Seed Treatment Equipment Industry 2015-2020

The Global and Chinese Seed Treatment Equipment Industry 2015-2020 is a professional and in-depth market survey on Global and Chinese Seed Treatment Equipment industry.

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Seed Treatment News: South American Wheat Seed Treatment Market

Between 2015 and 2020 the South American market for seed treatment in wheat is projected to reach US$244.9million by 2020 at a CAGR of 8.9%.

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Seed Treatment News: Canada Biological Seed Treatment Market Report

In 2014, the Canadian market for biological seed treatment is forecast to post a CAGR of 9% in reaching a projected US$8.2 million by 2020 from an estimated US$4.9 million.

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Hybrid Seed News :Conservation of Indigenous Seed Variety.

The two-day meet was organised jointly by the ‘Save Our Rice’ campaign and Thanal to sensitize the farmers on the significance of conserving indigenous rice seed varieties.

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China Chemical Seed Treatment Market Growth.

In overall Asia-Pacific, the Chinese market for chemical seed treatment is the fastest growing, forecast to record a compounded annual rate of 11.7% between 2014 and 2020. By segment, while insecticides dominate in terms of size with an estimated share of 54.2% of total seed treatment chemicals in 2014, demand for fungicides used in seed treatment is likely to post the fastest 2014-2020 CAGR of 12.1%.

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Seed Multiplication Farm Chakroi Visited by Hanjura.

To take stock of the activities being carried out at the Farm, Minister for Agriculture, Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura visited Seed Multiplication Farm, Chakroi here. He also inspected the latest machinery being used at the Farm including combines, seed drills, trans-planters, multi-thresher tractors, potato planters, ridgers, laser land leveller, straw reapers, the mechanically driven harvesting of paddy, sowing of rabi crops, drying and packing.

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Maharashtra Seed Companies Will Have to Give Trials of Their Seeds.

The Maharashtra agriculture department has made it mandatory for the seed companies to give trial of their new seed varieties on the premises of three agricultural universities in the state.

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BASF’s Obvius Fungicide Seed Treatment has received Registration by EPA.

Obvius fungicide seed treatment from BASF has received full Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration for use on pulse, podded vegetables and canola. State registrations are forthcoming.

The seed treatment is powered by Xemium fungicide and F500 fungicide, the same active ingredients found in Priaxor fungicide, plus metalaxyl. Obvius has three unique modes of action which provide early broad spectrum seed and seedling disease control.

Obvius fungicide seed treatment helps provide seedling disease control pressure often found in areas where pulse, podded vegetables and canola are grown.

Field Trials in 2015 research, Obvius fungicide seed treatment provided faster and increased emergence, long-term residual disease activity, and improved seedling health.The treatment helps control the seedling diseases Ascochyta blight, Pythium, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Botrytis, and others.

Source: Southwest Farm Press
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