Johor govt plans to establish seed and livestock banks

The Johor Government plans to establish seed and livestock banks to supply high quality seeds (for agriculture), fishery and livestock by next year to increase the level of production.

State agriculture and agro-based industry, entrepreneur development and cooperative committee chairman Ismail Mohamed said to achieve the goal, the state government sought the cooperation of the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi) to identify existing operators and give them the agency's seal of approval for their seed and livestock production.

Mardi's recognition of the seeds and animal breed was crucial for consumers for quality assurance before they made the purchase from entrepreneurs, he said, adding that the institute would also be involved in assisting the entrepreneurs conduct a study to produce high quality new seeds and animal breed.

Ismail hoped with the establishment of the seed and livestock banks, the state would meet the demand for supply from local and foreign businesses, especially from Singapore.


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