Seed Industry: ASTA Organized Session on Native Seed Production

Alexandria, Va: At the recent Society for Range Management Convention in Corpus Christi, Texas the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) co-hosted an educational session on pollinators and native seed production. The session is led by ASTA’s Environmental and Conservation Seed Committee. It focused on communication and collaboration between the federal government seed companies and private landowners.

ASTA President & CEO Andrew LaVigne said “The land and our environment play critical roles in the success of America’s farmers. ASTA supports continued investments in efficient and flexible conservation programs that provide farmers with the technical and financial assistance needed to conserve our nation’s most precious resources."

The issue as surrounding seed production for pollinator programs was discussed during the first half of the program. Diane Wilson, Applewood Seed, discussed issues. The industry produces a wide variety of seed for all kinds of pollinators, and is helping to support the goals of the President’s five-year pollinator program, explained by Wilson. The industry and natural-area manager partnerships for plant materials management was outlined Dave Owens, Dow AgroSciences. Dave Gagner, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, highlights the importance of public-private partnerships for pollinator programs to promote sustainable lands, species and businesses.

In the second half of the program, the focus is on native seed production and sustainability. New innovations and technologies to enhance performance, improve seed production, and increase genetic diversity of plant materials, discussed by Dr. Tom Jones, Forage & Range Research Lab, Utah State University.

LaVigne said “To be successful, it’s critical the federal government works in close coordination with industry partners to ensure program funding is spent wisely, using scientifically-proven methods and plant materials.”

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