New Research Projects in Sakata Seed Ibérica

Last Wednesday, December 5, there was a final resolution of the aid program Challenges Collaboration 2017. This program is co-financed by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, with structural funds from the European Union, with the aim of promoting technological development, Innovation and quality research.

Sakata Seed Ibérica has achieved the approval of 3 projects within social challenge 2: Food safety and quality, productive agricultural activity, sustainability, natural resources and marine research.

The approved projects have different objectives, from developing and applying new pathophysiology control technologies in the cultivation of melon, broccoli and pak Choi (R17FPATIAS), to increasing tolerance to salinity and drought in broccoli cultivation (R17MOLBROC), going through the introduction of resistances to diseases and pests in the melon crop (R17EDIMELO).

The approval of these research projects is another example of the commitment of Sakata Seed Ibérica for the development of new technologies and public-private collaboration to face the great challenges facing the food sector.


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