Seed Industry: Policies for the Promotion of Seed Industry.

The 8th National Seed Congress requested to the Telangana State government to formulate policies for the seed industry promotion. National Seed Congress has asked the government to take relevant steps for development of a Seed Mission in line with flag ship of government, Mission Kakatiya.

National Seed Congress recommended awareness programmes on seed quality production and called for encouraging exports from seed industry. Laying out the possible steps for the programme, the seed congress suggested to focus on development of seed cooperative, clusters, modal seed villages.

Apart from setting up a Nodal Seed Cell, it has asked the government to bring several organisations, such as TSSDC, TSSCA, HACA, Universities, Department of Agriculture, ICAR institutes, ICRISAT, Private seed industry etc, who have been engaged in seed production activity in the state, under its umbrella. It added that the Nodal Seed Cell would advise and coordinate all the activities from seed production to seed marketing, which is the need of the hour, it stressed. This shall work as an apex body under whose umbrella public seed sector, private seed sector, quality control agencies, OECD seed certification and also export and import activities for international trade should be worked out.

That apart, it has recommended development of Seed Valley, or Seed SEZ in the State modelled on the lines of Silicon Valley. To give a fillip in healthy atmosphere for exports, an ISTA accredited laboratory should be established in the state for maintaining the international seed quality standards, and to improve the competency.

The congress also demanded that Seed Knowledge Centre (SKC) has to be established by recognising the Department of Seed Science and Technology, as a Centre of Excellence for seed science and research in the State. This centre will provide training to all stake holders of seed industry, also develop human resources through capacity building including post graduate and doctoral studies.

It stressed on complete overhaul of two existing organisations, State Seed Development Corporation and State Seed Certification Agency. The seed congress felt that it is the need of the hour and requires immediate attention. Total revival of state seed farms, strengthening of seed village programme, logistic support to the seed industry, attention to foreign trade issues for seed exports have to be resolved at Centre to accelerate the international seed trade.

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