Seeds News: ASTA Requested Action on Seed & Food Labelling Proposal.

Alexandria, Va: The American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) applauds Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts for his leadership in introducing a common sense food-labelling proposal to bring consistency and transparency to the marketplace.

ASTA President & CEO Andrew LaVigne, said “Time is running out for Congress to take action to prevent a patchwork of state food-labelling laws from being enacted.” They also said “We applaud Chairman Roberts for putting forth a practical, national solution, and we urge the Senate to pass the proposal as soon as possible.”

The associated costs with Vermont’s GMO-labelling law and a subsequent patchwork of state laws will cost American families hundreds of dollars more in groceries each year and with low-income Americans being hit the hardest, all these have shown by multiple studies.

Proposal of Robert would pre-empt seed labelling efforts and state GMO food and to set a standard for voluntary on-package disclosures require USDA.

Andrew LaVigne said “ASTA has long advocated for a uniform, national food-labelling solution based on sound science.” He added that “Consumers and the food and agriculture community alike deserve consistency and transparency in the marketplace.”

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