Rice Seed Exports Restricted by Government.

New Delhi: The government restricted export of rice seeds on 7th October, a decision that the industry said will help curb overseas shipments of basmati rice seeds and ward off any attempt to patent premium Indian aromatic rice by other countries.

In a notification the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) said "Export of rice of seed quality has been moved from 'Free' to 'Restricted' category." It said that export is permitted under license subject to certain conditions such as submission of a licence to carry on the business of a dealer in seeds; declaration that the export consignment of seeds has been chemically treated and is not fit for human consumption.

Also added that export packets will also be labelled that seeds are treated with chemical insecticides and cannot be used for food or feed purposes.

All India Rice Exporters Association Former President Vijay Sethia said, "It was a long pending demand of the industry. Since the issue of basmati rice Geographical Indications tag is pending in the court, free export of rice seeds was a concern because other countries might grow the aromatic rice and claim patent over it."

India annually exports 36-38 lakh tonnes of the premium variety rice on an average. Basmati rice is grown in India and Pakistan.

Source: http://www.newindianexpress.com/
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