Seed Industry News: Coconut Seed Garden to produce quality seeds

Aswaraopet (Khammam): The Coconut Seed Garden is situated on the borders of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. The granting of additional funds by the TRS government for the development of horticulture in the State has become a blessing for the Coconut Seed Garden. The seed garden, established in 1991, has been producing quality seeds of coconut and mangoes too.

To make good use of the seed garden for achieving the goal of one lakh coconut and mango saplings each, Assistant Director of Horticulture (ADH) H Suryanarayana and Horticulture Officer O Kishore have been striving.

The Assistant Director of Horticulture said that greenhouse was arranged with shade net for raising samplings. He also said that a shed for vermicomposting was constructed. As part of the scheme for utilisation of solar power, solar unit was set up. Highlighting the varieties of saplings, boards were set up throughout the seed garden.

In order to minimise water usage, drip irrigation method was introduced in the seed garden, said Suryanarayana. Horticulture officer Kishore exuded confidence that the goal of one lakh saplings would be achieved.

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