Seed Industry Loans : Mortgage Loan to Seed Processing Unit-

Purpose: To Provide hassle free finance to Seed Processing Units who are willing to furnish mortgage of property of adequate value.

Existing customers.
New connections including takeovers.

Loan amount:
65% of the realizable value of the property subject to a maximum of 40% of the projected annual turnover. Minimum loan amount will be Rs 5, 00,000. Maximum will be Rs 1.00 crore.

Hypothecation of stocks and receivables.
Equitable Mortgage of land & building.
How to repay the loan?
Cash Credit renewable on an annual basis, on the basis of the level of activity and the entire loan is repayable on demand.

How to apply for this loan?
You may contact our nearest branch or even talk to the marketing officers visiting your village.

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