Enhancing Farmer’s Confidence and Performance with New Soybean Seed Treatment

JOHNSTON, IA. — Corteva Agriscience is dedicated to empowering farmers with outstanding performance and unwavering confidence through its expanding LumiGEN® seed treatment portfolio. New LumiTreo™ fungicide seed treatment is a powerful three-way premix fungicide, with three effective modes of action for key early season diseases to help soybeans reach their full potential.

“LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment will bring a welcome and significant boost to yield potential as the ingredients will provide significant protection against Phytophthora sojae, known as the number one soybean disease for causing substantial yield reduction in North America,” said Brad Van Kooten, Seed Treatment Category Leader, Corteva Agriscience. “The active ingredients include oxathiapiprolin, ipconazole and picoxystrobin.”

For added insect protection, when farmers pair LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment with an imidacloprid insecticide, they will achieve a whole new level of yield potential, disease and insect protection for their soybeans – all backed by extensive research.

“Based on extensive trial research conducted over three years at 256 total locations in the U.S., this new soybean recipe will deliver disease protection, in-field performance and plantability,” Van Kooten said. “LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment will also help soybean seeds start the season off strong by protecting against common seedling diseases, such as damping off, seedling blight, and seed and root rot.”

The LumiGEN seed treatment portfolio is built on a proven foundation backed by the rigorous Corteva Agriscience seed applied technologies (SAT) evaluation process. At the Corteva Center for Seed Applied Technologies (CSAT) – a comprehensive facility encompassing a laboratory, testing center and seed treating plant – potential products undergo meticulous evaluation through an exclusive six-step PASSER process (Plantability, Application, Seed Safety, Stewardship, Efficacy and Regulatory requirements). This enables Corteva to nimbly meet the evolving needs and expectations of farmers while also minimizing potential adverse effects on the environment.

LumiTreo fungicide seed treatment will be available at Corteva production facilities and downstream treating facilities this spring. To learn more about protecting and treating soybean seeds, contact your local Corteva seed brand sales representative or visit Corteva.us.

Source: https://www.pioneer.com/

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