Seed Industry Equipments

Mechanical Seed Drills by Breviglieri.

The mechanical seed drill is used to plant the seeds of various types of autumn/winter cereals (e.g. mainly wheat, oilseed rape, barley, soya bean, alfalfa etc.) in parallel furrows.

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New Trailed Seed Hopper Launched by KUHN Farm Machinery.

KUHN Farm Machinery has launched a new trailed seed drill tank. It increased sowing capacity. The new KUHN TT trailed seed drill is available in two sizes: 1. The TT 3500 with a 3,500 litre capacity, and 2. The TT 6500 with a 6,500 litre capacity.

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1) Seed or Grain Cleaner Machines

The primary method of seed cleaning is the air-screen separator. It uses a combination of air, gravity, and screens to separate seed based on size, shape, and density.

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2) Indented Cylinder Grader

These machines are generally used for separating white rice by length into several different sizes.
The preliminary grading process is done by screen machines which effectively separates the fine broken and brewers from rice.

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3) Seed Dryer

Seed dryers are designed and engineered for precision of temperature, humidity and airflow for drying all kinds of seed.
The machine is equipped with dynamically balanced high capacity fans that generate hot air for quick and efficient drying of the seed.

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4) Seed Grader, Fine Cleaner

Fine cleaners are used for cleaning variety of seeds including garden, vegetables, herb grass or field and cereal seeds. The grains are fed into the hopper where they are evenly distributed by a feed roller and dropped through a control gate on the top sieve. The cleaning capacity is increased by the highly effective feed and aspiration system of the machine, separating some nine-tenths all-light particles before the product is delivered to the screens.

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5) Seed Scalpers Machines

Scalpers are used to remove large trash, stems, leaves, and associated chaff prior to basic cleaning.
Raw material is metered onto a flat screen that is set at a slight incline and vibrated mechanically. Trash is removed as the seed fall through the holes in the screen and onto a second screen.

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6) Hammer mills Machines

Hammer mills are aggressive pre-cleaners designed to remove appendages. They use “hammers” attached to a horizontal shaft that rotates inside a compartment with an interchangeable, perforated, outlet screen.

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