Germains Offers ProSize™ Sunflower Seed Pellet

Sunflower seeds vary in size with seeding rates that range from 15,000 to 25,000 seeds per acre. The size of the seed can require you to make planter modifications such as buying new seed plates or finger pickups before planting your field.

Germains now offers ProSize™ sunflower seed pellet, to help reduce the likelihood of having to make changes to your planter and or to help improve how the seed flows through your planter.

To help improve your crop’s performance, Germains Seed Technology’s coating systems utilize state of the art process and applications technologies that produce high-quality seed coatings. ProSize™ is a seed pellet scientifically formulated for sunflowers, derived from coating materials successfully applied to tens of millions of acres of sugar beet.

To flow smoothly through planters helping growers achieve accurate field populations, ProSize™ provides added weight and a smooth, slick finish that enables sunflower seeds. ProSize™ pellets may be applied to raw or treated sunflower seeds.

Benefits of ProSize™ Sunflower Seed Pellet:
- Reduces dust off
- Adds weight to seed for improved placement in the field
- Filmcoat during the seed pelleting process.
- Maximizes flow ability through planters
- Precision application of agrochemicals
- Uniform coating and seed sizing

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