Seed Priming at Elsoms

January 31st 2024- To produce a healthy and high-yielding crop, getting young plants off to a strong start is crucial. At Elsoms, our seed technology facilities have been priming a wide range of crops for many years for this very reason.

Seed technology plays a key role in ensuring that seeds germinate with a robust and uniformed establishment during early growth. At Elsoms, we are specialists in seed treatment, constantly seeking sustainable solutions that use the latest technologies to support our growers.

How it Works One of our seed technology options is seed priming, which involves adding moisture to a seed until it is just ready to germinate in a highly controlled environment. This is particularly beneficial for seeds that are typically more challenging to germinate and for breaking natural dormancy in a range of seed species. When sown, the seed will germinate quicker and more evenly resulting in improved crop establishment.

Priming is especially useful to slow germinating crops. This is because the key effect of priming takes place in the first 7 days of germination. A primed crop increases uniformity in that key initial growth stage, meaning you get less waste come harvest time.

The primed seed ensures a more even emergence in the first 7 days, reducing the inconsistency of growth you get with non-primed, slow germinating crops such as Parsnips and herbs etc.

We continually research and test priming techniques for different crops in various climates to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their specific needs.


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