Seed Treatment News: Canada Biological Seed Treatment Market Report

In 2014, the Canadian market for biological seed treatment is forecast to post a CAGR of 9% in reaching a projected US$8.2 million by 2020 from an estimated US$4.9 million.

For sowing that include major cereals and oilseeds, special crops, pulses, forages and turf grasses, ornamental and garden seeds the seed industry in Canada engages in producing an extensive range of quality seeds. This helps in sustaining the region's dynamic agricultural industry, and it also caters to several overseas agricultural sectors.

Statistics from the Canadian Seed Trade Association reveal that domestic and export sales of seeds accounts for generating about C$750 million, with exports being destined for about 110 countries. The seed industry in Canada is home to over 150 seed companies and 4,500 seed producers of pedigreed seed.

On an annual basis, Canadian commercial seed producers and companies produce and market both certified and common seeds to meet the diverse needs of growers. Certified seeds are verified for their genetic identity and purity by an external field inspector and, they are used by farmers who want additional assurance on seed quality, variety purity, and performance. Common seeds are generally found with forage crops. Mainly in Canada and the United States approximately one-third of forage seed production is sold as common seed.

Due to a number of factors, prominent among which are agronomic trends that comprise development of high quality seeds through the enhanced potential offered by genetically modified organisms (GMOs), flexibility in sowing approaches and greater pressure from regulatory requirements, increasing rates of crop rotation, changes in climatic conditions, the market for seed treatment gains in significance.

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