Seed Treatment with Bio-Fertilizer in Cereal

Bio-fertilizers containing effective strains of microorganism like Bacteria, Fungi, and Algae along or in combination in sufficient numbers and they are carrier based preparations. When incorporated with seeds, seedlings and in soils, bio-fertilizers provide nutrients to the plant through microbial activity.

Bio-fertilizers are such as Azotobacter, Azospirillum, and Phosphotika.

Major Cereals are Paddy, Wheat, Maize etc.
Minor Cereals are Barley, Oats, Millets, Sorghum, etc

Method of Application:
Seed Treatment:
Suspend 200gm of Azotobacter or Azospirillum + 200gm of Phosphotika in 300-400ml of water and mix thoroughly. Mix this pates with 10-12kg of seeds with hands till all the seeds are uniformly coated. Dry the coated seeds in shade and sow immediately.

Seedling Root Dip Treatment:
Mix 1kg Azotobacter and 1kg Phosphotika in sufficient quantity of water and dip the roots of seedlings to be transplanted in 1 acre in this suspension for 30 minutes or more and transplanted immediately.

In case of paddy (low land), prepare a small seedbed in field and fill with 3-4 inches of water. Put 2kg of Azospirillum + 2kg Phosphotika in this water and mix. Dip the roots of seedling to be planted in 1 acre in this suspension for 8-12 hours (overnight) and transplanted.

Benefits of this seed treatment are:
- Increase crop yield by 20-30%.
- Have no harmful effects on soil fertility and plant growth.
- Hasten seed germination, flowering and maturity in crop.
- Helps in recycling/ decomposition of organic waste.
- Replace chemical fertilizers by 25%.
- Restore natural fertility.
- Provide plant nutrients at very low cost.
- Pollution free and eco-friendly.
- Provide residual effects for subsequent crops.

Precautions for this seed treatment are:
1. Seed treatment and mixing of Bio-fertilizers with compost should be done in the shade.
2. Used of Bio-fertilizer is being emphasized along with chemical fertilizers and organic manures. Bio-fertilizers are not replacement of chemical fertilizers but can supplement their requirements.
3. Store Bio-fertilizers in cool and dry place.
4. Open the packets just before use and all its content be used at time.
5. Bio-fertilizers treated seed should not be mixed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.
6. If seeds are to be treated with fungicides, treat the seeds first, then with double the recommended dose of Bio-fertilizers.

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