Mechanical Seed Drills by Breviglieri.

The mechanical seed drill is used to plant the seeds of various types of autumn/winter cereals (e.g. mainly wheat, oilseed rape, barley, soya bean, alfalfa etc.) in parallel furrows.

This type of seed drill incorporates a mechanical seed distribution system.

It essentially comprises,
i. A load-bearing frame equipped with a hopper containing the seeds to be sown,
ii. A seed distributor with a series of delivery elements which direct the seed toward the soil,
iii. Furrowing elements equipped with seed covering devices which open small furrows in the soil, into which the seeds are deposited.

The “Combi” version mechanical seed drill manufactured by Breviglieri is hitched to the tractor and is powered mechanically by the drive wheels.

It is connected, via a quick-fit coupling, to a power harrow or a rotary tiller.

Combining soil preparation and seeding makes it possible to perform two operations in a single work phase, drastically reducing fuel consumption and saving time for the operator while at the same time preventing excessive soil compaction caused by repeated passes of the tractor.

Breviglieri offered two Mechanical Seed Drill such as 1. SM-I 2. SM-R.


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