Seed Industry Software: E-Brida is a database for breeders

E-Brida: a database for breeders-

Agri Information Partners delivers standard software for companies active in research and plant breeding.

E-Brida is an advanced breeding information system with extensive options for (mobile) data registration and analysis. The software has been developed based on experience in and needs of breeding and research companies. The ssystem helps the breeder manage all his data around the breeding process. Sophisticated decision support functionalities help the breeder improve the effectiveness of his breeding program.

What can E-Brida do for you?
Pedigree book with search and navigation options
Ancestors and descendants in one overview
Access and rights at crop level
Mobile registration with tablet or PDA
Simple planning of sowing, planting, pollination etc.
Store and compare digital photos
Export function from E-Brida to Microsoft Excel
Dutch and English help desk
Your wishes translated into custom-built solutions
E-Brida makes the registration and analysis of breeding programs more user-friendly, more comprehensible and more efficient. This provides advantages for breeders and managers.
Minimize administrative acts
Create a uniform work method
Manage breeding costs
Share your breeding knowledge in-house
Result oriented work

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