Seed Industry Jobs for Cereals Research Associate

Job Title: Cereals Research Associate

Job Location: Alberta, Canada

Company: Syngenta

Critical knowledge: In depth understanding of Cereal production in Western Canada.
Experience evaluating Seed and Crop Protection Products.
Knowledge of agronomic cereal production systems including detailed knowledge of plant diseases, weed science, germplasm, insect pests and accepted agronomic practices.
Knowledge of statistical field trial design.
Minimum B.Sc or M.Sc in Chemistry, Biology, or any relevant discipline in the agronomy field preferred.

Experience managing a field research program in Seed and/or Crop Protection considered an asset.

To identify and prioritize important study topics, design studies, and to conduct local field evaluation and testing of hybrid wheat, integrated cereal solutions, and development of Crop Protection active ingredients.

Lead and coordinate projects with external research groups, execute remote trailing program and to expand geographic footprint for Syngenta cereals.

To develop performance data needed to effectively position new technology including integrated solutions, and registration data for new cereal products.

Provide analytical and field research insights to the development and execution of the overall crop strategy.

Work closely with Team scientists to execute needed Evaluation programs for market launches.

Plant, maintain, and harvest trials with focus on cereals, including hybrid wheat. This includes routine site/farm maintenance activities such as tillage, soil sampling, fertilizer applications, and planting plots, applying/implementing treatments, collecting observations and in-season data, and maintaining the plots throughout the growing season.

Collaboration with North American Research colleagues.

Participate in key cereal strategy and industry meetings within North America.

Fundamental understanding and/or experience in assessing pesticide performance, plant health, and requirements for varietal selections.

To support data analysis and interpretation of results.

Follow Health & Safety practices and standard procedures.

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