Seed Industry Equipment: Seed Grader, Fine Cleaner

Seed Grader/Fine Cleaner-

Fine cleaners are used for cleaning variety of seeds including garden, vegetables, herb grass or field and cereal seeds. The grains are fed into the hopper where they are evenly distributed by a feed roller and dropped through a control gate on the top sieve. The cleaning capacity is increased by the highly effective feed and aspiration system of the machine, separating some nine-tenths all-light particles before the product is delivered to the screens. After the screen cleaning, the seed passes through the special Delta airlift system, where tandem fans at the bottom of the machine ensure perfect separation of light seeds and seed not capable of germinating.

High in functionality, these machines have feed roller equipped with feed control gate for uniform distribution of seeds while cleaning. These machines are useful in removing impurities after the seeds are threshed. This process is used to get rid of most of the chaffs, straws and dust before further processing for fine cleaning. Robustly constructed with steel, these machines offers long service life and provides efficient cleaning of all type of seeds.

Capacity: 2 TPH
Power: 7.5 HP

Salient Features
Easily changeable sieves with large surfaces screening area.
Belt guard provided.
Dynamically balanced aspirator fan.
Specially designed Rubber Balls/Nylon Brushes to check sieve perforation clogging.
Step less variable air controls.
Air Chamber, Sieve Deck assembly and spouts are self-cleaning type.
Sieve reciprocating provided by means of eccentric and connecting rods.

Seeds/Grains are fed into a feed hopper where they are evenly distributed by a feed roller and drop through a controlled gate on the top sieve.
Before falling on Top Screen, grains are subjected to primary aspiration which drains off chaff, straw, dust, deceased grains etc.
Material is then passed through three sieve layer for separation according to width and thickness.
After passing through screens, cleaned/graded material again passes through air sifter and aspiration where remaining light particles are sucked off by a strong upward draught of air.
Final product and impurities are collected separately through discharge chutes.
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